Price of Agile CRM: Login, Support, Review

Agile CRM is a cloud-based CRM platform. Agile CRM is designed to unify sales, marketing, and service features in one place for small and midsize businesses.

In this article, we will brief you on some other things to know about this software.Price of Agile CRM


Hence, we will focus more on the price of Agile CRM, pricing plans, and its features.

Having said that, make sure you focus on this article to grab all the information you need.

Now, without running in circles, let’s dive into the information we were able to gather for you in this article.

The price of Agile CRM

Agile CRM offers three (3) basic pricing plans and a free version for its users.

But, in this article, we will be dissecting each of these pricing plans and also stating their features.

Having said that, let’s have a look at pricing plans and their features:


The software’s free version allows up to 10 users to access the following features for free:

  • · Landing Page Builder
  • · Lead Scoring
  • · Unlimited Deals, Tasks, and Documents
  • · Email Campaigns
  • · Groups
  • · 5,000 emails (branded)
  • · Web-to-Lead
  • · Helpdesk
  • · Appointment Scheduling
  • · Custom Deal Milestones
  • · Email tracking
  • · 1,000 contacts and companies
  • · Custom Data Fields
  • · Labels
  • · Canned responses
  • · Views
  • · Activities
  • · Web Engagement
  • · Contact Level Analytics
  • · 1 Plugin
  • · Form Builder
  • · Email Templates Builder
  • · Reports
  • · Email Support
  • · Google Sync
  • · Chrome Extension
  • · Basic Reports


The starter plan is for newbies—those who are new to the business. This plan costs 14.99 USD per user/month (monthly), 9.99 USD per user/month (annual), and 8.99 USD per user/month (biennial).

Having said that here are the features of the Starter Plan:

  • · 10,000 contacts and companies
  • · 2-Way Email Integration
  • · 5,000 emails (branded)
  • · Marketing Automation
  • · Social Monitoring
  • · 3 Plugins
  • · Email and Phone Support
  • · Email reports, and everything in the FREE plan.
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The regular plan is for growing businesses that want to boost their sales without having to perform many tasks.

This amazing software Regular plan costs 49.99 USD per user/month (monthly), 39.99 USD per user/month (annual), and 29.99 USD per user/month (biennial).

Hence, below are the features of the  Regular plan:


  • · Mobile Marketing
  • · 50+ Plugins and Integrations
  • · Basic and Email Reports
  • · 50,000 contacts and companies
  • · Custom Deal Tracks
  • · 2-Way Telephony, and everything in the STARTER plan.


Finally, the last plan in this amazing software is the enterprise plan. This plan is for small to mid-sized businesses that want to advance their business with advanced sales tools.

Hence, this plan costs 79.99 USD per user/month (monthly), 69.99 USD per user/month (annual), and 47.99 USD per user/month (biannial).

Having said that, below are some features of the enterprise plan:

  • · Limitless Contacts and Companies
  • · Post-Call Automation
  • · Call Recording
  • · Automated voicemails
  • · Marketing
  • · SES/Mandrill/Sendgrid Integration
  • · Service
  • · Extras
  • · Dedicated Account Rep
  • · Onboarding Coach
  • · Chrome Extension
  • · Basic, Email, and Team Reports
  • · Access Controls (ACLs) and everything in the regular plan


Below are some reviews from users:

This software is user-friendly. It comes with an array of features, such as email marketing, sales automation, customer service, and a mobile app, to make things easier. So, one major drawback of this software is its limited customization options.

Sunitha H.


This software is easy to set up and customize to my needs. Hence, I don’t have any negative experiences with the software

Prudencia F.

Technician in Energy and Thermal Engineering

This software is one of the most customizable CRMs I have found. Its customizations and integrations are amazing. Now, it can be a bit hard to customize and set up.

Michael M.

Loan Consultant

Log in to Agile CRM

To log into your account online, visit The Login Page.

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Then, enter your domain and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

After that, follow the prompts on your screen to log into your account online.

As a matter of fact, if you’ve forgotten your domain, you can retrieve it by opening the ‘Domain?’ link on the login page.

Then, follow the prompts after that to retrieve your domain.

In like manner, if you’re new to the software, you can create an account by clicking on the ‘Sign Up’ link. Then, follow the prompts after that to register for an account.

Upsides and Downsides

· Upsides

Three clients have so far accepted this exciting program.

After using several CRMs, I found this amazing software to have the perfect balance of flexibility and structure.

I recommend this amazing software to firms that are looking for an all-in-one solution.

· Downsides

Customer service is horrible and I tell you to avoid this software unless you want to get stuck in a contract.”

The inability to cancel despite adhering to their instructions for cancellation is a thumbs-down for me.


Below are some other software options you can try out:

CRM Deployment and Support

· Deployment

Desktop: Linux

Mobile: iPhone

Cloud, SaaS, and Web-Based

Mobile: Android

Desktop: Mac

Mobile: iPad

Desktop: Windows

· Support


Phone Support

Knowledge Base

Email/Help Desk


24/7 (Live Rep)

· Training



In Person


Live Online

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Reference Links

Home page


Domain Centre


Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Agile CRM?

Agile CRM is a cloud-based CRM platform. It was designed for small and midsize businesses with sales, marketing, and service features all in a unified place.

How much does Agile CRM cost?

  • · FREE

It allows up to 10 users to access its features for free.


14.99 USD per user/month (monthly).

9.99 USD per user/month (annual).

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8.99 USD per user/month (Biennial).


49.99 USD per user/month (Monthly).

39.99 USD per user/month (Annual).

29.99 USD per user/month (Biennial).


79.99 USD per user/month (Month).

69.99 USD per user/month (annual).

47.99 USD per user/month (Biennial).


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