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Help Desk Software: A Complete Guide

To offer reliable support services to customers, you need Help Desk software.

A Helpdesk is a versatile assistant that offers streamlined information as well as support management services to manage customers’ queries.Help Desk Software


Help desk software solutions handle support services swiftly.

In this blog, we will narrate everything you should know about Help Desk Software.

But we will have a major focus on the following:

  • Definition.
  • What is Help Desk Software?
  • The difference between Help Desk Software and customer support software.
  • Core features
  • Why is it important in business?
  • Benefits.
  • Types.
  • Examples.

Definition of Help Desk

A Helpdesk is a versatile assistant that offers streamlined information as well as support management services to manage customer queries.

Thus, if you want to render reliable support services to your customers, you need a help desk.

What is Help Desk Software?

Help desk software enables swift handling of support services.

Hence, they come with some exciting features to hasten support service tasks. Thus, these tasks include responding to customer queries and resolving these queries efficiently.

Differences between Help Desk Software and Customer Support Software

Help Desk Software and customer support Software may seem alike. Yet there are some differences between both programs.

Hence, both programs function differently and also have different needs.

Customer support software focuses more on the customer experience. It helps improve the customer experience via email, phone, chat, and social media.

While help desk software is a versatile assistant, It helps customers access technical support. Also, it manages customer queries and resolves technical issues.

Core features 

A help desk should have interesting features. Hence, here are some core features of Help Desk Software:

  • Self-service portal

The self-service portal feature allows customers to submit questions. And also get immediate responses via the knowledge base.

Hence, it allows customers to get answers to some questions without the help of a real-time agent.

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are agreements between a company and its customers.

Hence, for customers to have genuine thoughts about your company, you ought to set up SLAs.

This feature helps you establish precise deadlines for processing and resolving support tickets. As well as create reminders to avoid violating your policies.

  • Multi-channel support

Having Help Desk software with multi-channel support is very important. Hence, it offers several channels of support to customers. Thus, customers can choose the most convenient support channel. And it also suits their needs.

But be sure to unify all your communication channels. In this way, you’ll offer an easy and dependent service to customers.

  • Reporting

This feature allows companies to track crucial metrics. Hence, this may include customer satisfaction, support costs, and agent productivity.

Thus, reports are important to carry out analyses that give a deep insight into workflows. as well as team performance.

  • Customization
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Recent help desk software allows companies to customize their systems.

Hence, they can customize their company’s colors and logo. as well as create custom integrations to extend their software’s performance.

Thus, companies can customize ticket templates and ticket status options. as well as ticket submission forms and ticket pages by customers.

Why is it important in business?

Having a helpdesk Software leaves a positive impact on your business. Hence, it offers to provide technical support effectively. thereby improving productivity and resolving basic issues quickly.

Also, these software are considered a crucial part of marketing efforts. Thus, it also contributes to the company’s net income. as well as improving productivity for all employees.

Key Benefits 

Below are ways you can benefit from having help Desk software:

  • Effective management of customer interest

A good help desk software should be able to manage customer interest. Hence, it should be able to resolve customers’ queries swiftly. A properly designed ticketing system can resolve customers’ queries swiftly.

  • Quick Feedback

This software allows you to integrate real-time feedback software into your system. Hence, this allows you to receive useful opinions. as well as criticisms of your support team’s performance.

Thus, with this ability, you can make real-time changes. thereby improving your customer experience.

  • Multi-Channel Integration

The most recent helpdesk software enables customers to access it across all digital channels. Thereby making it easy for customers to have access to them via channels convenient for them.

Helpdesk software can integrate with email, phone, chat, and social media. And also social media.

  • Task and Workflow Automation

Customer support involves handling several tasks. These tasks can be time-consuming and also tedious to carry out. Hence, there may be delays or even errors, which can reduce productivity.

Well, with this software, you can program such tasks. And it also hastens the entire process to boost productivity.

Hence, helpdesk software helps streamline repeated tasks. As well as set up recorded responses for common customer queries.

  • Knowledge Base for Insights

Help desk solutions help you provide general information about your product. As well as set up quick responses for prompt customer service.

Hence, it allows you to create content, add HTML links and tags, and also publish articles. Thereby improving collaboration with team members for the best results.

  • Reporting and analytics

Helpdesk software offers accurate reports and analytics on your team’s performance.

Thus, by knowing your team’s performance, you can make the right decisions. And these decisions can help boost your company’s growth and income.

Hence, it also allows you to compare the efficiency of tasks. And it will also help you spot issues and resolve them quickly.

There are various types.

There are several ways to group Help Desk Software. But we were able to provide you with the different types of Software based on their deployment:

  • Web or Cloud Helpdesk
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Cloud-hosted or software-as-a-service (SaaS) refers to this type of helpdesk software.

Hence, this software allows a company to rent the solution on a subscription basis.

Also, companies can respond to customer requests, even on the go.

  • On-premise Helpdesk

A company owns and hosts this software. Hence, it allows companies to have full control over the helpdesk. As well as its functioning and maintenance.

Large businesses and enterprises are primarily responsible for operating enterprise helpdesks. It offers other features to help boost the overall company’s performance. It also comes with basic helpdesk features.

  • Open-Source Helpdesk

This software is open and accessible to anyone, as the name implies. Hence, you don’t need user licenses or permissions to access the source codes. Thus, this software reduces dependencies. Thereby making it easy to make changes and improvements.

Examples of Software

Here are the top examples of Help Desk Software:

Zendesk offers a simple, trustworthy, and user-friendly IT help desk. This software presets workflows and streamlines customers. As well as employee support with its IT help desk.

Yet, here are the Zendesk Help Desk pricing plans:

Support Team

$19 per user per month.

$228 per user/year.

Support Professional

$49 per user per month.

$588 per user/year.

Support Enterprise

$49 per user per month.

$1,188 per user per year.

Also, Zendesk offers a suite package, and here are its pricing plans:

Suite Team

$49 per user per month.

$588 per user/year.

$2,940 per year for 5 agents

Suite Growth

$79 per user/month.

$948 per user/year.

$4,740 per year for 5 agents

Suite Professional

$99 per user per month.

$1,188 per user per year.

$5,940 per year for 5 agents

Suite Enterprise

For suite enterprise pricing, visit to contact sales.

Hence, for more information about Zendesk, visit

Zoho Desk is an online help desk software. It organizes customers’ requests and helps resolve them quickly.

Hence, we were able to provide Zoho Desk pricing plans, and they are as follows:


$18 per user/month (monthly).

$12 per user/month (yearly).


$30 per user/month (monthly).

$20 per user/month (yearly).


$45 per user/month (monthly).

$35 per user/month (yearly).

Thus, visit for more information about this plan.

  • SysAid

SysAid is an IT and service management solution. It offers both IT help desks and service desks to its customers. Therefore, customers utilize it for asset management and service request purposes.

Sadly, SysAid did not make its pricing plans open to the public. So to access SysAid pricing plans, visit for more information.

  • Jira service desk

Atlassian offers Jira Service Desk, a help desk software that delivers support services and ensures quick assistance for employees and customers. It delivers support services and ensures that employees and customers get help quickly.

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Hence, Jira Service Desk has a flexible and simple pricing plan that suits all businesses.

Having said that, here are the Jira Service Desk pricing plans:


$7.75 per user/month.

$77.50 per month for 10 users.

$790 per year for 10 users.


$15.25 per user/month

$152.50 per month for 10 users.

$1,525 per year for 10 users.


For pricing, visit to speak to Sales.

Thus, for more information, visit

  • Hiver

Hiver is a communication and collaboration platform. It helps you manage customer support and sales from Google Workspace.

This software functions within Google and has the following pricing plans:


$19 per user per month, to be paid monthly.

$15 per user per month, to be paid yearly.


$49 per user per month, to be paid monthly.

$39 per user per month, to be paid yearly.


$69 per user per month, to be paid monthly.

$59 per user per month, to be paid yearly.

Hence, visit to find out more about this software.

Other examples

  • Spiceworks Cloud

  • Freshservice

  • Service hub


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