Price of Xero Software: Your Complete guide

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software for businesses. It helps you manage invoices, bank reconciliations, inventory, purchases, and expenses.

In this article today, we will analyze Xero software. Hence, we will give you a breakdown of the Xero pricing plans. As well as other vital information about this software.

Hence, you just have to take your best position and go through this article to find out more about Xero.

Having said that, let’s guide you through today’s article.Price of Xero

Price of Xero

Xero offers three pricing plans. Hence, these plans are safe and provide the necessary tools for your business.

Also, Xero pricing plans offer 24/7 online support to their users and can be canceled with a month’s notice.

Having said that, let’s have a look at each Xero pricing plan:

  • Early

The Xero Early Plan is best for new businesses and those who are self-employed. Hence, this plan costs 6.50 USD per month (monthly) and 13 USD per month every 3 months.

Also, the Early Plan comes with useful accounting tools that suit a new business.

Thus, here are Xero’s Early Plan features:

  • Send quotes and 20 invoices.
  • Enter 5 bills.
  • Reconcile bank transactions.
  • Capture bills and receipts with Hubdoc.
  • Short-term cash flow and business snapshot
  • Growing

The Xero Growing Plan is a popular Xero pricing plan. This plan is suitable for growing businesses, and it costs 18.50 USD per month (monthly).

Also, you can pay 37 USD per month every 3 months and access the following features:

  • Send more invoices and quotes.
  • Enter more bills.
  • Bulk reconciles transactions, and all are in the early plan.
  • Established

The established plan is more advanced. The established plan caters to established businesses. It costs 35 USD per month (monthly) and 70 USD per month every 3 months.

Having said that here are the features of the established plan:

  • Use multiple currencies.
  • Track projects.
  • Claim expenses.
  • View complete analytics and all in the Growing Plan.
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Xero Login

The steps below will help you access your Xero account online:

Using a browser, navigate to

Now, select the ‘Login’ option to head out to the login page.

After that, put in your email address and password, then select the ‘Login’ option.

Once you’ve clicked on the login button, you can now access your Xero account online.

But if you don’t have the password to your account, navigate to the ‘Forgot Your Password?’ link.

Now, open the link and put in your email, then select the ‘ send link’ option.

After that, follow the prompts on your screen to create a new password for your Xero account.

Hence, if you can’t log into your Xero account, select the ‘Can’t Log In?’ option.

Then, follow the prompts after that to log into your Xero account.

Xero Alternatives

Check out these options below if Xero is a ‘NO OPTION’ for you:

  • Fishbowl

  • Cin7 Omni

  • Asset Panda

  • Lightspeed Retail

Xero Reviews

Check out what some people have to say about this product:

Xero is easy to understand if you are new to using software to handle accounting activities. But there should be better pricing for customers who do not make use of third parties.

Siphiwe H.

Senior Bookkeeper

The ease of use made it simple for a non-accountant. Also, its integration with other cloud software is amazing. But we’ve experienced some glitches where bank feeds stopped working for some time. Also, importing bank statements manually takes more than one attempt to get right.

Iain S.


Xero supports more than 160 different currencies. Hence, this makes it best for businesses that carry out foreign transactions. However, Xero may not be a fair option for small businesses due to its costly pricing plans.

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Aviral B.

Software Developer

Xero Deployment and Support

  • Deployment

Mobile: Android

Mobile: iPhone

Cloud, SaaS, and Web-based

Mobile: iPad

  • Support

24/7 (live rep)


Knowledge Base


Email/Help Desk


  • Webinars

In Person



Live Online

Merit and demerit of Xero

  • Merit

Xero was quite easy to set up, and the bank reconciliation feature was dynamite. Also, I loved the payroll feature as well.

I so much love the app and cloud versions of Xero. I love the fact that I can snap pictures of my receipts. And also chart them instantly for my reconciliations to go as planned.

The Xero customer help team is great. They helped me set up the software, and they are easy to access. And they always settle issues happily and swiftly.

The reconciliation tools are amazing. Hence, it was easy to match, use, and carry out tasks in batches. Also, it could recommend categories or accounts based on previous transactions.

  • Demerit

Xero doesn’t connect with some banks. Also, the bank feed drops out transactions sometimes. And it also does not notify the file owner or bookkeeper.

I was unable to process a payment history by a vendor for some reporting I had to complete.

Xero lacks integration with software like Shopify for invoice and inventory management.

Xero’s customer service is terrible. I had to cancel my plan during the COVID pandemic. And they insisted on charging me for an extra month’s notice.

Reference Links

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is Xero?

  • Early

This plan costs 6.50 USD per month (monthly) and 13 USD per month every 3 months.

  • Growing
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This plan costs 18.50 USD per month. Also, you can pay 37 USD per month every 3 months.

  • Established

It costs 35 USD per month (monthly) and 70 USD per month every 3 months.

What is Xero?

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software for businesses. It helps you manage invoices, bank reconciliations, inventory, purchases, and expenses.


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