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Price Of Act: Login, Customer Support

Act! Premium is a top CRM and marketing automation software. This software helps business owners, both small and midsize. As a matter of fact, it will help to track and plan business activities, sell more, and create more customers.

Hence, in this article, we will give you all the information you need to know about the price of Act, features, and pricing plans.Price Of Act


Hence, the software offers an amazing pricing plan that fits every business and helps you reach your goal.

Discover all the crucial information revealed in this article.

Having said that, let’s get down to what we were able to compile for you today.

Price of Act!

Act! offers two amazing pricing plans to its customers. Hence, these pricing plans are pocket-friendly and fit any business size.

Having said that, below are the pricing plans:

  • ·Premium Desktop

The Premium Desktop plan allows you to enjoy the safety and control of an on-site solution that you use to manage the software.

But the Premium Desktop plan costs 3750 USD per user per month when billed annually.

Hence, like other software out there, the Premium Desktop plan comes with a 14-day free trial. This has some exciting features that make business easy and fun.

That being said, here are the features of the Premium Desktop plan:

  • · Active sales pipeline management
  • · Expert technical support
  • · Self-managed security
  • · Insight Analytics
  • · Combination of Office, Outlook, and Google
  • · Dual access (networked and offline)
  • · Data import tool
  • · Compatibility with desktop add-ons
  • · Full control of updates
  • · Marketing Automation (Basic Tier)
  • · Great account management
  • · Calendar and activity tracking
  • · Companion mobile app
  • · Premium Cloud

With the Premium Cloud Plan, you can experience the comfort and ease of a cloud-based solution that handles all technical details.

Hence, this plan is priced at 30 USD and 40 USD (with desktop sync) per user per month when billed annually.

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Hence, this plan offers a free 14-day trial and comes with great features like:

  • · Elite secure hosting
  • · Instant browser-based access
  • · 6GB of cloud storage
  • · Instant upgrades
  • · Nightly backups
  • · Automatic updates and backups
  • · Disaster recovery
  • Optional desktop sync and everything in the Premium Desktopplan.


Below are some things people have to say about Act!

“The cloud feature is great in a remote team environment, but it was able to synchronize databases across cloud platforms. Hence, I had to do it on the desktop version.”

Ernest B.


“It works well and helps track email conversions through an Outlook plugin. Now, the program lacks the advanced functionality expected from modern CRM software.”

David O.

General Manager

“The software has a lot of features compared to the most expensive CRM; its features are elite and easy to use. But, in the last two years, they haven’t had major changes.”


Alissa F.



The software is known to come with some interesting features that help business owners and teams achieve their goals.

Thus, here are some of the features!

  • · Contact Management
  • · Sales Pipeline Management
  • · Lead Management
  • · Email marketing
  • · Marketing Automation
  • · Social media integration
  • · Task Management
  • · Activity Dashboard
  • · Workflow Management
  • · Interaction Tracking
  • · Calendar/Reminder System
  • · Document Storage
  • · Segmentation
  • · Lead Generation
  • · Mobile Access
  • · Quotes/Estimates

Pros and cons

  • · Pros

“I have been using this software since 1991 to the summer of 2020, and it has been quite perfect.”

“The heritage base of this software is great and still unmatched. Its creators designed it to easily collect contact information.”

“I like the fact that a team of five can share it successfully, and I also like the ease of changing layouts and adding fields.”

  • · Cons

“The latest version has created more issues for me.”

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“The features that were announced for this software CRM standard do not exist.”

“Integration with Outlook is lawful; I’ve used it for some years now and may not likely continue.”


Below are some other great options you may want to consider apart from Act!


Are you wondering how you can access your account online? If yes, let’s hold your hands as we guide you on how to access your account online.

Having said that, below are steps to guide you on how to access your account online:

To begin, you must first open in a browser.

Then, enter your email address and password, and then click on the blurry ‘Log In’ button.

Once you’ve done that, you can now access your account online.

If you’re yet to sign up for an account, you can do so by clicking on the red button. This button says ‘Free trial,’ and follow the steps after that to sign up for an account.

Deployment and support

  • · Deployment

Cloud, SaaS, and Web-Based

Desktop: Windows

On-Site: Windows

On-Site: Linux

Mobile: Android

Mobile: iPhone/iPad

  • · Support

Email/Help Desk


Knowledge Base

Phone Support


  • · Training

In Person

Live Online




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Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Act!?

The Premium is a top CRM and marketing automation software that helps business owners, both small and midsize. It will help to track and plan business activities, sell more, and create more customers.

How much does Act! cost?

This software offers the Premium Desktop plan at a cost of 3750 USD per user per month when billed annually. Premium Desktop plan, which costs 3750 USD/user/month when billed annually, and the Act! Premium Cloud Plan, which costs 30 USD and 40 USD (with desktop sync) per user per month when billed annually.

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