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Price of Streak: Login, Support, Review

Streak CRM software is designed to integrate seamlessly with Gmail and other Google Workplace apps.

It enables businesses to manage sales, hiring, and product management. Additionally, it can handle email support and other business tasks.

Hence, if you have plans to get this product soon, make sure you go through this article.Price of Streak

In this article, we will brief you on this software, its pricing plans, and its features.

Having said that, we hope you find this article a perfect guide to all you need to know about this article.

That being said, let’s walk you through the world.

Price of the Streak

It offers a free version of its pricing plan. This plan allows you to access features like 500 basic CRMs, 50 mail merges, and email tracking for free in the long run.

Hence, aside from the free version, it also offers other pricing plans.

Any business, regardless of its level and size, can access these pricing plans:

  • SOLO

The SOLO plan is an ideal plan for single users looking for an all-in-one CRM. It comes with features like 5000 Basic CRM, 800 Mail Merges, and Link Tracking.

Thus, the solo plan costs 15 USD per user each month (yearly) and 19 USD per user each month (monthly).

  • PRO

The next pricing plan is the PRO plan, and this plan is best for businesses that want to ally with a full CRM.

This plan costs 49 USD per user each month (yearly) and 59 USD per user each month (monthly).

In the same vein, this plan comes with some great features. Hence, it comes with features like 1500 mail merges and limitless Advanced CRM, as well as shared pipelines.


The PRO PLUS plan is also an ideal plan for businesses that want to cooperate with a full CRM.

Hence, this plan comes with some interesting features. Thus, some of these features include advanced reports, automation, and archived users. Also, this plan comes with everything in the PRO plan.

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In the same vein, the PO PLUS plan costs 69 USD per user each month (yearly) and 89 USD per user each month (monthly).

Also, you can access this plan for free for 14 days when you sign up for it.

Businesses that want customization and data validation can benefit from this plan.

Hence, this plan comes with some amazing features. Thus, some of these features are custom roles, data validation, and priority support.

Moreover, this plan costs 129 USD per user each month (yearly) and 159 USD per user each month (monthly).

To get this plan, you will have to contact the sales team at the pricing page.


This software allows me to manage my email straight from my Gmail inbox. Hence, I don’t have to operate several platforms to get what I need. But it can still be hard to find something specific.


Accountant, CEO

It was a great tool for the beginning of our firm, and it has helped our team grow a little. But these software charges are quite high for a Gmail plugin.

Ben M.


is very flexible, and I found I could expand its functionality. Also, their support pages are easy and clear. Hence, I don’t dislike anything about this software.

David S.


The software integrates with Gmail. It operates like a powerful plugin for the software that I use. Yet, the support should be more responsive as well.

Karol O.

Campaign Manager

Streak Login

To access it online, visit the Login page in a browser.

Then, select the ‘Add to Chrome’ button and follow the prompts to add this software to your Gmail.

Once you’ve done that, you can now access your Gmail account when you log into it.


Here are some vital features:

  • Mobile Access
  • Social media integration allows for seamless connectivity and interaction between various social media platforms.
  • Lead Management
  • Task Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Interaction Tracking
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Contact Management
  • Effective Sales Pipeline Management
  • Internal Chat Integration
  • Lead Generation
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Streak

  • Advantages

Streak is the most exciting program we have ever used; hence, we wish we had changed to it earlier.

This software gives us the ability to manage deals straight from Gmail, and we love it.

The choice to archive emails makes Streak a useful tool.

  • Disadvantages

This tool has a higher spam rate for domains compared to other tools.

From my free trial, I don’t see anything that may be undesirable about this software.

The sync does not work sometimes. Furthermore, users may find it frustrating that they have to link the add-on to their Gmail account again.


Below are some other software aside from this software that you may find more interesting:

Deployment and Support

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Mobile: iPhone

Cloud, SaaS, and Web-Based

Mobile: Android

Desktop: Mac

Mobile: iPad

Desktop: Windows

  • Support


Knowledge Base

Email/Help Desk



  • Training



Live Online

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Reference Links

Home Page



Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Streak cost?

It allows you to access some features for free in the long run. Moreover, below are other pricing plans aside from the streak-free version:

  • SOLO

15 USD per user each month (yearly).

19 USD per user each month (monthly).

  • PRO

49 USD per user each month (yearly).

59 USD per user each month (monthly).


69 USD per user each month (yearly).

89 USD per user each month (monthly).


129 USD per user each month (yearly).

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159 USD per user each month (monthly).

What is a streak?

This software is designed to integrate seamlessly with Gmail and other Google Workplace apps.


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