Price of Quickbase: Login, Support, Review

QuickBase is a database platform. It allows you to create custom apps to solve your business challenges.

Hence, this software helps users handle projects. It also helps customers connect and control complex projects.

This article is a complete guide to all you need to know about Quickbase. Price of Quickbase

So, if you want to know more about this software, read through this article.

Also, be sure to grab every piece of information you need about Quickbase.

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The Price of Quickbase

Quickbase has three amazing pricing plans that are perfect for any business.

Hence, in this article, we will be breaking down each of these pricing plans.

Having said that, let’s break down the pricing plans:


This plan is a starting point for growing teams. It comes with basic features that suit a growing team.

Also, this plan costs 35 USD per user per month and allows a minimum of 20 users.

Hence, check out some features of the Team Plan:

  • Custom business apps
  • Library of Starter Apps
  • Mobile Apps
  • Data and app integration
  • Flexible licensing options


The business plans are perfect for firms managing people and complex processes.

Hence, this plan allows a minimum of 40 users and costs 55 USD per user per month.

Also, the business plan comes with all the features of the team plan, including:

  • Sandbox
  • Ensuring FDA and HIPAA compliance
  • Mobile Offline
  • SSO
  • Flexible licensing options


The Enterprise plan is fully customizable. It is best for larger firms with interconnected use cases.

For the price of the Enterprise plan, visit Contact Us Pricing Enterprise.

However, the Enterprise plan comes with some features:

  • Flexible licensing options
  • Advanced-Data Encryption
  • On-site connectivity and data warehouse integrations
  • Advanced Performance Tools
  • Governance APIs
  • advanced security controls, and all in the business plan.
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Below is what some people have to say:

This software can manage projects, tasks, and online projects of every type. Hence, recently, you can widen its use in many places as well. However, I advise you to improve the search options for projects. as well as the subfolders and document management features.

Dnyanoba M.

Deputy Manager

Quick Base operates well as a data storehouse and tool for displaying large data sets. Also, it is a solid way to visualize and share data with controls. However, Quick Base is not as simple as some of its rivals. Hence, it can take 2 to 3 menu clicks to get what you need.

Cody H.


Quick Base is easy to use. It is easy to customize and extend to all departments with a small “learning curve” for employees. However, some features are lacking in this software.

Richard F.

Project Manager

Pros and cons

  • Pros

I recommend this software to companies. as well as users who want to customize their workflows or other apps.

This software has other reports that we can use QB for. Also, it is a good way for us to reach out to our team without sending out many emails.

This software makes it easier to get previous tickets for prior projects and work. The ability to make sub-tasks of projects allows for the separation and assignment of work.

I like using this software. Also, I find it helpful in my role of assigning tasks and managing the work of my team members.

  • Cons

The inability to take more of the three tools for a task seems restricted for large activities.

Relying on the software can be quite hard. Hence, you’ll have to understand an issue and alert the software if you encounter any.

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Before creating an app, make sure you lay out your “plan of attack.” This is to avoid ending up with a mess of useless fields and data.

It allows you to handle security access. But if you make a mistake or delete a profile (or a field), all of that data will be lost.


Below are other great options to consider:

You can check out our post on the price of Google Workspace here.

Quickbase Login

Do you want to access your account online?

  • If yes, let’s hold your hands and guide you on how to access your account online.
  • Thus, below are steps on how to access your account online:
  • To begin, first, open the homepage in a browser.
  • Then, input your email address, username, and password.
  • Now, click on the blue ‘Login’ button to access your account online.
  • But if you don’t have the password to your account, open the ‘I forgot my password’ link.
  • Hence, if you’re yet to sign up for an account, open the ‘Create a log-in’ link.

Then, provide your details and select the ‘Register’ button after that to create an account.

Deployment and support

  • Deployment

Mobile: iPad

Cloud, SaaS, and Web-Based

Mobile: iPhone

Mobile: Android

  • Support


Email/Help Desk

24/7 (Live Rep)


Phone Support

Knowledge Base

  • Training


In Person


Live Online


Reference Links


Our Plans and Pricing

Login Guide

Contact us


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Quickbase?

Quick Base is a database platform. It allows you to create custom apps to solve your business challenges.

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Also, it helps users handle projects. And it helps customers connect and control complex projects.

How much does Quickbase cost?

  • Team

This plan costs 35 USD per user per month.

  • Business

Quickbase business plans cost 55 USD per user per month.

  • Enterprise

For the price of the Enterprise plan, visit Contact-us-pricing-enterprise.


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